Executive Minister of Start and Strengthen Churches

    • Job Tracking ID: 512954-658104
    • Job Location: Chicago, IL
    • Job Level: Sr. Executive
    • Level of Education: Masters Degree
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: December 04, 2018
    • Years of Experience: 10 - 15 Years
    • Starting Date: ASAP
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Job Description:

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) seeks an Executive Minister to give leadership to one of its five mission priorities, Start and Strengthen Churches. Start and Strengthen Churches (SSC) is defined in the ECC By-laws as "starting and strengthening healthy, missional churches in the United States and Canada". SSC exists to partner with conferences and collaborate on launching new congregations while also resourcing local churches for effective ministry.
The Executive Minister additionally is involved:

  • Providing support to related ECC Commissions, as delegated by the Executive Board.
  • Undertaking additional assignments that arise in the course of ECC leadership.
  • Direct personal ministry through speaking, teaching, and writing opportunities.

PER ECC BYLAWS AND CONSTITUTION, the Executive Minister of SSC will respond to:

Section 10.1.b. Mission Priorities. Each mission priority shall be led by an executive minister.

Section 10.2. a. through g. Executive Ministers. An executive minister shall be elected by the Annual Meeting to give leadership to a mission priority. An executive minister is accountable for outcomes related to that mission priority, including the implementation of decisions and policies of the Annual Meeting and the Executive Board of the ECC.

An executive minister shall lead the mission priority by proposing and implementing strategies, proposing and managing income and expense, and proposing and managing team members.

An executive minister shall pursue coordination and collaboration across the mission priorities, ensuring a comprehensive, integrated mission strategy.

An executive minister shall be accountable to the president by reporting through the executive director of ministry development.

An executive minister shall contribute to the overall mission of the ECC by serving on the Council of Administrators and as an advisor to the Executive Board.

By mutual agreement with the president, any board, council, commission, committee, or association of the ECC or any board or committee of a corporation established by the ECC may invite an executive minister as a representative of the president of the ECC, with the status of an advisor to a meeting of the group.

Each executive minister shall be elected or re-elected by the Annual Meeting for a term of four years. Each term shall begin on September 1 following the Annual Meeting at which the executive minister was elected.

Section 11.1.b. Council of Administrators. The Council of Administrators shall have the following members: the president of the ECC; the executive minister of love mercy and do justice, the executive minister of make and deepen disciples, the executive minister of the ordered ministry, the executive minister of serve globally, the executive minister of start and strengthen churches, the executive director of ministry development, the executive director of advancement, the executive director of communications, the executive director of finance, the executive director of operations, the president of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence, the president of North Park University, the dean of North Park Theological Seminary, the president of National Covenant Properties, and the president of Covenant Trust Company.
Section 11.2.b. Council of Superintendent. The superintendents of the regional conferences of the ECC are members of the Council of Superintendents. The Council of Superintendents shall have the following ex-officio members: the president of the ECC, the executive minister of start and strengthen churches, the executive minister of the ordered ministry, and the executive director of ministry development.


  • Identifies and prioritizes sustainable, mission advancing, opportunities.
  • Mobilizes decentralized ministry throughout North America and in partnership with Serve Globally, around the globe.
  • Leads, shepherds and develops mission area’s team, ministry partners and volunteers.
  • Fosters a culture of collaboration and effectively partners with leaders from other mission areas, ECC ministry affiliates, regional leadership and general constituency to optimize mission advancement.
  • Oversees ministry area’s resources to ensure operations are optimized and responsive to administrative protocols and procedures.
  • Ensures ministry area’s strategies and resources remain responsive and relevant to the needs of the local church and conferences.
  • Represents the ECC through preaching, teaching, coaching and writing activities within and beyond the ECC network.
  • Serve as resource personnel on committees and commissions, as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Ministry Development or ECC President.

Experience and Skills:

At least Master’s degree in Theology, Divinity, Ministry or related field. At least ten (10) years of related pastoral, church planting, and/or congregational vitality experience. Seasoned in leading and serving on teams within collaborative, ministry environment. Intrinsically motivated and comfortable in a fast-paced, multi-faceted environment. Seasoned and mature, with experience within and beyond the boundaries of the ECC. Possess demonstrated abilities in relating to the multi-ethnic mosaic of the Covenant, as within a wide range of backgrounds, context and socio-economic settings. Preferably minimum five (5) year engagement with the Covenant and active member or be willing to become a member of a Covenant Church.


  • Personal and demonstrated Christian faith and deep sense of call.
  • Willingness to fully support the mission and ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church at the denominational, regional conference and local congregational levels, as well as affiliated entities and ministries.
  • Apostolic and missional, visionary leader.
  • Expertise in mobilizing church planting and congregational vitality ministries, as working familiarity of ECC’s 10 healthy missional markers.
  • Entrepreneurial and Catalytic leader.
  • Team Player, Team Leader and Team Builder. Able to work with individuals at all levels of organization. Effective contributor to senior management/leadership staff of organization.
  • Excellent people motivator and manager. Mentor and coach other people (cultivate and nurture other leaders throughout the Covenant).
  • Develop measurable systems and structures to advance vision and facilitate performance management (assess, calibrate, improve).
  • Engage in performance management (assess, calibrate, improve).
  • Self-starter, ability to work independently.
  • Ability to maintain personal life balance.
  • Does all above and still generates "fun" and "enthusiasm".

Environment Conditions
Able to work well in professional office setting, but occasionally works in remote locations. Frequent domestic and international travel. Must be versatile and able to work for prolong segments sitting or standing, evenings and weekends. Must engage frequently with office tools and equipment, such as: computer, copier, phone, web-conferencing equipment, cell communication, printers, etc. Must be able to occasionally lift or move items, less than 35lbs.

SSC’s Ministry Overview and Initiatives can be previewed at SSC Homepage (https://covchurch.org/what-we-do/strengthen-churches).

Comments and Interests on this process can be shared via SSCsearch@covchurch.org through January 6, 2019.

Individual expressions of interest, no longer than a single page including relevant background, Covenant Ministers’ Profile, resume or curricula vitae may be submitted to SSCsearch@covchurch.org through January 6, 2019. Nominations of others may be submitted to SSCsearch@covchurch.org through January 6, 2019. Please include email and phone contact information for anyone nominated.